Overseas Customers will no longer feel doubtful about the products they import just because the best Technical Support from the manufacturer is far away. We provide it literally right in the palm of their hands! 

   The most important issue for anyone who spends a significant amount of money on a product like equipment or another piece of machinery is the risk that the investment could not generate the expected financial return in a convenient period of time. This complicates the decision of buying.


   On the other hand, sellers have to spend a considerable amount of  money on advertisements and other promotions to convince buyers that their products are worth the buyer's investment. This scenario is more complicated when customers are in a different country with a different language, commerce regulations, and culture -- leaving sellers the only option of relying on a local distributor or reseller. However, customers wonder how they will obtain the best Technical Support with the manufaturers' quality standards. Are local distributors or resellers providing that key element in order to consolidate a sale and preserve the integrity of the brand while keeping the door open for smooth future sale transactions?


   Latin-America and the Caribbean maintain a high demand for sales and representation of equipment, parts, and other related products. However, most of these countries require additional training in the maintenance and operation of the machinery to be able to reach the expected top productivity with focus on personnel safety.


   Vicotek prepares and brings this training to the region by considering their language, regulations, level of technical knowledge, culture, and maintenance resources. It makes buyers, owners, and users more satisfied with their units and creates a bonded business relationship with the brand


Premium Valuable Support

This is the key element that keeps the door open to an everlasting solid business relationship

Specialized Consulting

  • International Sales Process: How to Import for buyers, How to Export for sellers.
  • What product sells better in what country. What provider to buy from, what product or brand.
  • What kind of maintenance is required considering the local resources. What cost.
  • What kind of training can be provided to operate, maintain, repair, and start-up this equipment.
  • Vicotek has all the quick answers to these questions with the manufacturers' engineering support and our product experts.


Remote Troubleshooting

  • Manufacturers have the best troubleshooting tests and repair procedures.
  • We at Vicotek not only know the equipment and other products we represent but also the user's technical limitations and local repair resources to repair their units properly.
  • We work as a Technical Support Interface that promptly brings the best troubleshooting assistance to the international customer and user directly from the manufacturer in the U.S. or Canada via the most advanced communication tools available today.

Maintenance Programs

  • Manufacturers have their manitenance programs for their products based on known local failure reports and local maintenance resources available.
  • Vicotek can customize any maintenance program or even create a new one considering all the customer's or user's local parameters like maintenance resources, technical capacity, terrain, climate, work routine, etc.
  • We can train users and maintenance personnel according to the manufacturer's guidelines. 

Warranty and Parts Support

Warranty, Repair, and Maintenance Parts are the main concern of any buyer that wants to acquire equipment. Likewise, sellers want to keep warranties to the minimum to increase customer satisfaction and to keep any associated cost low. Uncertainty and trustworthiness are major challenges in a sales negotiation. It depends on the equipment's reputation, expected longevity (new or used), quality and distance to the technical support.


   Vicotek has been providing parts and technical support for many years to many buyers. With that experience we have established warranty plans together with maintenance programs to consolidate the fidelity in the sellers and products we represent.



   We at Vicotek are experts in the process of Specialized International Sales and Representation along with the challenges and opportunities from either side's view, whether manufacturers or buyers. We attribute the success of our vision to refraining from selling just any product in any international market and instead focus on our team's expertise and passion:


  • Target the Latin-American and Caribbean market with a high demand for technology but with a lack of prompt, permanent, and expert Technical Support to keep it running.


  • Passion for International Sales and using the latest technology to facilitate and reduce cost of the export process and quality Customer Support.


  • Focus on a Particular Line of Products and its applications, Vehicle-Mounted and Mobile Equipment Fleets.
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