Specialized Equipment Business Development

   At Vicotek we facilitate business growth by connecting clients with strategic players in our market in the United States, taking sales to a higher level. After the completion of a market scan, we become your eyes and ears, looking for new sales opportunities for your company as its representative in this ample market, with high demand for quality products and services.


   Vicotek has been in the Truck Equipment and Construction Machinery sales business linking suppliers and customers since 2001.


   Our knowledge and experience in the specific line of products we deal with together with the industry expertise give us an edge with the many companies that are interested in expanding their sales.

   Our company provides Complete Specialized Outsourcing Solutions to the businesses we represent who are interested not only in selling their products but in making sure their brands are very well positioned and supported with their Standard Technical Support and Training.


   There are many proven reasons for companies looking to consistently expand sales by outsourcing part of their current markets or reaching new ones including:

  • Reduce and control operating costs.
  • Improve company focus on core activities.
  • Gain access to world-class sales capabilities.
  • Free up internal resources for other purposes.
  • Accelerate lead generation and pipeline development.
  • Eliminate the time and energy needed to run a sales team.
  • Make capital funds available for other investment.
  • Reduce risks.


Focus on Your Brand & Customer Experience

It is not only about sales numbers.

It is really about brand positioning and strong, everlasting symbiotic business relationships.

Business Development

Vicotek provides professional business development for companies interested in expanding a business presence  without having to hire a permanent and costly specialized staff. We are committed to establishing a hub where we serve as your resource and representatives.

Fleet    Management

Vicotek specializes in developing total fleet solutions for businesses and government agencies. This scope allows us to narrow the line of products we represent and support. We provide tailored fleet leasing and maintenance programs under a state-of-the-art fleet management service.

Technical Support & Consulting

Bringing your products to new markets is a common vision and sometimes a need for many manufacturers and other suppliers. This plan must include reliable and efficient Remote Technical Support that represents not only the product but its valuable brand.

Integrity • Experience • Reliability

   Successful organizations, projects, and positive business deals do not just happen! As a leader, you need to create the right environment for success. Bring in the right resources and knowledge, Vicotek.  You will be serviced with:


  •  Selling your products and services in the field, via inside sales, or as enterprise sales representatives, traveling as needed.


  •  We are branded representatives meaning the customer sees the sales force as extensions of your brand rather than Vicotek’s.


  •  Reporting in detailed ways typically exceeding what most clients could get in terms of metrics from their own force.


  •   Building the programs, recruiting the personnel, managing the teams, and closing the deals on your paper. We build a sales force for you from the director level down to the actual representatives. The entire force dedicated just for you, using systems and processes developed by an industry leader in sales.


   Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Explore our website to learn more detailed information about us. We look forward to working with you.



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