Secondary Market

Meaningful purposes with multiple rewards and benefits for manufacturers, sellers, users, and the planet.

One man's waste is another man's treasure.

   We make sure products are impeccable representation of their brands wherever they are regardless of their manufacturing year. Prestigious brands have old products known as “vintage”. Careless brands old model products are considered junk in the markets we handle. It seems to be a universal approach.


   Equipment is primarily chosen by the longest lifetime being productive at the lowest possible cost. Often overlooked by manufacturers, the secondary market is the best source of feedback for the quality of a product. The longest the product stays in the market productive the stronger the brand.

Sales without complications.

   Manufacturers count on us as an outlet to sell all their non-new parts and some equipment. First to take advantage of our global sales resources and expertise in the market with a cost-efficient approach. And second, to protect their brand from the potential negative perception of selling used and new parts directly. That is the main reason prestigious automobile manufacturers are not related in any way to selling used parts. However, their used parts are available for the secondary market. Some of them also sell certified pre-owned vehicles repaired with new parts.


   Vicotek is very well known in the US and internationally for its contribution in the market of used, pre-owned, unused, remanufactured, or any other adjective used to identify a product that is in working condition but not brand new directly from the manufacturer.

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