Exclusive Sales

Vicotek relies on its own subsidiaries companies and partners to promote and sell our clients’ products in different markets in the local and international markets.

Multiple options to grow together

  We are based in the US and take advantage of fast-advancing communication technology to operate in every single location in the world seamlessly. From regular administration to training, repair, maintenance, and export processes we use our experts despite their locations.


   Depending on the client or supplier agreement we are working with we offer different Sales Structures can be a representative of a certain line of products, be a broker on a specific project, or buy products for our inventory for our subsidiary companies and partners. We are open to negotiating arrangements that bring mutual benefits and acceptable ROI.


   The market research tells us what is needed. We manage products from different sources and conditions. Such as: New, used, remanufactured, and unused. Equipment and Parts are from manufacturers, overstock, slow-moving new products, liquidations, auctions, demos, promotional new products, recalls, warranty claims, and donations for humanitarian projects.

Exclusive market, anywhere in the world

    We implement effective sales strategies with a concentration on a specific market that allows us to bring satisfactory results for our clients and customers. By promoting exclusively products and markets we are experts in we promptly determine the feasibility of introducing a new product in the market or what customization it could need to be successful. Our clients know we are not going to make waste their time and financial resources trying to sell a product in a market with not good expectations. We have many years experimenting and doing research with different products and markets under different scenarios and can say with a high level of certainty what works and what does not.


   Our original sales processes consider the availability and specifications of products among our clients and suppliers to set our marketing strategies and promotion, considering the positive effect on the brand and potential reaction of the competitors.

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