Brands have to be very well positioned regardless of language or cultural barriers

   We open the door to the Latin-American Market

   Vicotek provides international business representation for U.S. and Canada companies interested in establishing a business presence in Latin-America and the Caribbean without having to hire a permanent and costly specialized staff knowledgeable in the language, laws, and culture of every target market. We are committed to globalize business activities and establish a hub where we serve as your resource and representatives in your business start-up or operations in the Latin-American and the Caribbean Emerging Market.

   Through our effective representation and brokering, we offer you an opportunity to create a base for a strong footing in the Latin-American and the Caribbean market and work with you to expand the scope of your trade and business sphere in a cost effective manner.


  Vicotek’s international sales, engineering, and technical support specialists have over fifty years of combined experience in the Latin-American Market.


   Our knowledge and experience in the specific line of products we deal with together with international business expertise give us an edge not only with the many companies that are interested in expanding their sales to Latin-America and the Caribbean but also with many frequent customers and other contacts from there interested in buying and even reselling the products we represent.



Global Development

We go beyond cultural barriers

Productive Sales

  • Seeking and Qualification of Local Contacts for distribution and partnership.
  • We offer a resourceful local and international business network and skilled staff of professionals in different countries in the American continent.
  • Vast experience in international bidding processes and products quilifications.
  • Experts in negotiation of large purchase orders of equipment,  parts, and accessories considering future maintenance programs and full customer satisfaction minimizing warranty claims.
  • We are one step ahead of our customers. We do not wait for them to call or place and purchase order. We keep permanent communication and offering your products using the most advanced and up-to date marketing strategies.


Effective Marketing

  • Market assessments and Logistic for new target markets.
  • Marketing Support, including brochures, expo presentations, and web sites.
  • Permanent Promotion of Products and Services and constant communication with current customers and leads.
  • Cultural and Language adaptation of Technical, Marketing, and Sales information.
  • Emphasis in making sure the product and Corporate Brand Prestige is well preserve across any international border.
  • Research of current or future potential competition and setting strategies to neutralize its threat.
  • Meticulous reporting and statistics related to the current international economic developments and other influential events.
  • Our service is here to ensure that your company’s messages are just as persuasive in the Latin-American and Caribbean market as they are at home.

Resourceful Customer Service

  • Interpretation, Translation, and Localization of technical information and marketing materials.
  • Prompt Support of Negotiations.
  • Fast and Effective International Communication is our number one priority. We use the latest in network and communication technologies to remain in constant touch with partners and customers.
  • Our Customer Support goes beyond the standard sales support. By using the latest communication technology and vast knowledge of the products we represent, we position ourselves as one of the few that can provide Efficient Technical Support across international borders, in local languages, and cultures with customer satisfaction that surpasses what our represented companies could achieve by themselves.


   We are specialized in industries related to Vehicle-Mounted Equipment and other Utility Vehicle Fleets, including electrical construction and generation, mobile machinery fleet for various industries, and communication and cable infrastructure construction equipment.

   Vicotek has strategic alliances with competent professionals and consultants firms including:

• Latin-American Marketing Strategists

• International Law Consultants

• Publicity and International Sales Promotion

• IT and Computer Professionals

• Corporate Image and Product Presentation Experts

• Custom and Local Import-Export Brokers

• Cost Effective Freight Forwarder Agencies

• Quality and Freight Inspection Controllers

   Whether you want to successfully sell your product in Latin-America or in the Caribbean, Vicotek  is the team you need to ensure a smooth and cost-effective business establishment and projects.


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