We help customers access the latest technology in Utility and Construction Equipment Trucks and related resources to make this work environment more efficiently productive.

   Vicotek is the fruit of more than 30 years of experience in the Utility Equipment Truck Industry  Business. Having created a solid reputation of fidelity with so many customers, we began to meet their demands for other products and equipment that have very similar design engineering to our original line of products. By considering the sometimes limited resources in many regions and fulfilling these demands, we actually began to satisfy an unsupplied need for technical solutions.


   Our focus on hydraulic equipment installed on any vehicle (Truck Equipment) allows us to distinguish our company from the competition -- who usually represents and sells almost anything but is unable to offer quality technical support for every product. We ensure that we are able to provide technical support for every single product we represent and sell; we are meticulous, taking the utmost care to preserve the high reputation of the brand.



Top Product Line

We help our customers easily deal with higher and harder work sites.

Utility Service Equipment

  • Bucket Trucks
  • Crane Trucks
  • Digger Derricks
  • Forestry Trucks
  • Insulator Pressure Washers
  • High Reach Lifts
  • Cable Handling Equipment
  • Power Generators, Parts, and Control Devices
  • Parts and Accessories

Vehicle Mounted Equipment

  • Service Trucks
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Telescopic Cranes
  • Articulated Knuckleboom
  • Sewer Cleaner
  • Garbage Compactor
  • Recreational Vehicles, Campers
  • Trailers
  • Motorized Lifts
  • Forklifts
  • Parts and Accessories

Fleet Management and Maintenance

   Most of the down-time and high cost of equipment-truck repair is due to poor (or a lack of) comprehensive fleet maintenance management.  We provide an end-to-end suite of fleet management solutions tailored to each area of our market that spans the total fleet lifecycle from equipment selection and procurement to program management and vehicle remarketing. We help fleet owners and users optimize performance and improve productivity every step of the way. We can design a vehicle fleet management program that maximizes the value of each vehicle or piece of equipment.


We offer:

  • Strategic Fleet Consulting
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Online Technology Solutions
  • Replacement and Maintenance Cost Analysis
  • Unit Tracking by GPS
  • Parts and Units Inventory
  • Maintenance - Repair Shop Equipping 
  • Remote Technical Support and Customer Service
  • On-Site and Remote Training

   Knowing the regional market we specialize in gives us the opportunity to help our providers sell their diverse products in different operational conditions to our customers. Some customers require Brand New Equipment and Parts due to regulations, and as such they expect the latest innovation and best warranty. Other customers are interested in Certified Equipment offered by many manufacturers and providers because it allows our customers to save on the initial investment while maintaining assurance of excellent operational condition and, in many cases, warranty. The most common request from our customers is for Used Equipment and Parts for which we ensure proper inspections and tests are completed to disclose the actual working condition and to preserve our customers' trust.


   Often we receive requests for technical consulting about using this equipment for different applications. Several types of equipment and parts we offer are being used on ships such as barges, dredgers, or fishing ships and even on harbor docks. Commonly this equipment is installed on all-terrain vehicles with tracks to access difficult-to-reach areas.


   We at Vicotek work with a team of professionals who is passionate about the products we represent and sell and who is able to take this technology to our customers. We are constantly learning, seeking the most up-to-date information and technology in our field so that we can provide the latest product and technology assistance as well as assist our providers in expanding their markets and sales by reaching other regions.  


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