Outsourcing Specialized Services for companies focused on clear goals, expansion oriented, aware of other ambitious players in the arena. We have been growing with our clients.

Exclusive Sales

Vicotek relies on its own subsidiaries companies and partners to promote and sell our clients’ products in different markets in the local and international markets. 

We are based in the US and take advantage of fast-advancing communication technology to operate in every single location in the world seamlessly. From regular administration to training, repair, maintenance, and export processes we use our experts despite their locations.


Staying competitive in a globalized ecosystem of corporations, relying on professional aid, assistance, suggestions, and expertise of our advisors can help your business scale, reduce overhead, increase profit margins, and become more productive and efficient.

Our consultants are experts in their field and think-tanks who work with companies as advisors. We ultimately assist your business with specific, critical, and complex problems, which is often integrated with optimizing the company’s workflows and projects and offering insights on how to do things better.


Getting international sales right and taking advantage of global business opportunities require a thorough understanding of the language and culture of the country a company wishes to do business in.

There are concerns multinational companies face as well. While language and culture can be a barrier to international sales, the complexities of selling in a global market reach far beyond correct translations. Your brand is exposed anywhere. Let's do it right!


In a time when most of the global population uses the internet, geographic borders shouldn’t hold back your growth. However, tapping into a foreign market isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. We help you reach potential customers around the world. You can use our international marketing support to raise global awareness of your brand or target customers in specific countries.

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