Getting international sales right and taking advantage of global business opportunities require a thorough understanding of the language and culture of the country a company wishes to do business in.

Be known beyond the borders

   There are concerns multinational companies face as well. While language and culture can be a barrier to international sales, the complexities of selling in a global market reach far beyond correct translations. What is an international company? In most people’s approximation, it’s a company that has a strong footing across the globe. But selling in a global market is more than just having a viable product and being willing to log some air miles. Just because your company has found a consumer society that looks like a good fit for your products doesn’t mean you’re ready for international sales or business opportunities.


   Vicotek does research for companies aspiring to go global and sell. Also, we make a general comparison between other companies that have been able to sell internationally with success. We keep track of marketing data from sales of similar or related products, potential competitors, local economy, market needs, and purchase financial capacity.

Optimism is not enough – You need the right people

   Wanting to go global and having what it takes for a winning global business strategy are two very different things. To successfully introduce products overseas, a company needs to have the right knowledge and skills — the aptitude for expanding in global markets.


   Vicotek has more than 20 years of experience in international commerce with professional teammates specialized in different regions, products applications, and customization according to the market demands. Also, we work with corporations that see manufacturing products overseas, mainly in Latin America, to be used as hub for regional markets or the US. We partnered with local corporations we know for many years in different countries working in different projects from starting new subsidiaries companies to humanitarian activities helping improve the quality of life of many local families with focus in the children wellbeing an education.



Service easily tailored

 With vast experience in many international markets, we can easily tailor our services to satisfy many requirements, keeping processes simple but efficient and well monitored. Some of the most common services demanded for our clients are:


  • International Business Consulting
  • Product Evaluation and Feasibility
  • Product Customization for Foreign Markets
  • Multi-Lingual Communication
  • Multi-Lingual Interpretation and Translation
  • Local Maintenance and Repair Operation
  • Demonstrations and Training
  • International Trade Shows Participation
  • Import and Export Logistics
  • Technical and Regulatory Inspections
  • Warranty Claims
  • Accidents Assessment
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