Global Marketing

In a time when most of the global population uses the internet, geographic borders shouldn’t hold back your growth. However, tapping into a foreign market isn’t as easy as flipping a switch.

There are many reasons to go international

   We help you reach potential customers around the world. You can use our international marketing support to raise global awareness of your brand or target customers in specific countries. 


   When you have customers in multiple countries, your revenue stream is not dependent solely on economic and buying trends in your home country. Also, the reputation of your brand, whatever it is, is easily and quickly shared worldwide with the current social media resources available on the hands of almost anyone with a smartphone.


   Vicotek has relied on professional international marketing with resources and input from all the countries we do business with. This information is so important for our operation that one subsidiary company is solely dedicated to digital marketing and printing.

Key Services with Positive Impact

   We structure marketing strategies for all our projects in the U.S. and overseas. Vicotek devote time to research and study their intended audience — to create the right message and develop content that will resonate. To engage a multilingual audience in conversation, carefully developing and sharing the message in a culturally appropriate way is of utmost importance.


   Our goal is to help you showcase and distinguish your brand, products, services, and message in an exceedingly competitive online marketplace.


   We support our marketing service with:


  • Multilingual Digital Marketing
  • Local Market Advertisement
  • Content Translation
  • Multilingual Videos and Subtitles
  • Cultural Adaptation
  • Marketing Research
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